Looks Like George Really is The Bomb

The word on the street is that earlier today the swank Italian villa owned by everybody’s favorite Hollywood Mougar, George Clooney, was roped off as soldiers searched the area surrounding the home for bombs. The soldiers, sent from the Italian Navy, were following a tip from a local fisherman. Apparently close to five-hundred pounds of World War 2 era bombs were found near the star’s home. The soldiers’’ plan is to collect the arsenal, which includes hand grenades and mortars, and detonate them in nearby caves (have fun guys!)

So how is George handling the bomb threat near his villa? He’s handling it the way that a guy who owns an Italian villa handles things! The cool-headed mougarific Clooney is hanging out in Hawaii where he is currently filming a new movie called The Descendents (let’s hope it’s not a bomb!)

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