Who Will Be the New Gay Star in the Sky Above Hollywood??

The buzz around T-town is that a major celebrity will come out of the closet on May 5th of this year!
Apparently the big gay reveal is set to occur on The View and will be covered by none other than People magazine. The mystery star is also being supported by the Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman who has helped gay actors and actresses such as Meredith Baxter come out in the past. (For those that don’t know she’s the mom from Family Ties! Imagine what uber-republican son Alex P. Keaton would have thought!)

No one knows the real identity of the secret star who is about to kiss the days of hiding with the mothballs goodbye. Even the producers and cast of The View are believed to be in the dark about the celeb’s true identity and gender. Somehow Howard Bragman was able to convince them to book a mystery person based solely on the promise of the person’s star power.

Sounds exciting! But left without any substantial facts about this celeb’s identity we can only guess as to who it might be.

So let’s look at what we do know:

1.) The star is coming out on The View

2.) The date is May 5th, or Cinco de Mayo

Coming out on The View? At first it seems that this might hint that the star may have a place with power lesbians such as Ellen and Wanda Sykes. But then again coming out on The View is so….gay…that we can’t discount a male star.

Next we have to wonder if the date has some kind of significance. Do we dare to hope for another Gay Latin Star in the heavens? We just found out (asifwedidn’tknowallalong) about Ricky Martin. Could the mystery person be Shakira? George Lopez? J-LO??!!

Or, could we dare to hope for a new Hollywood gay power-couple ala Ellen and Portia?

No matter who it is, CelebStalk is ready to support them in their brave journey out of the closet.

And I for one would like to say thank you to each of these brave gay stars who are finally beginning to make the disconnect between the large number of gay drama students and theater actors and tiny number of Hollywood gays make some sense.

Thanks Doogie!

So who do you think it is? Leave your guess as a comment below and discuss!

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