Anyone in the Market For A Mansion?

Eternally eccentric Nicolas Cage shocks us again with his latest extravagant property purchase. It wasn’t another mansion and he wasn’t replacing the island he recently was forced to sell. Nope, it was a 9 foot tall tomb in the shape of a pyramid! What else?

Cage reportedly commisioned the giant mausoleum to sit in side a New Orleans cemetery to serve as his final resting place. The actor is known for his love of New Orleans, but why the tomb, dude?

Cage has been in the news quite a bit recently due to his financial troubles that stemmed from the alleged misguidance from his financial advisor, forcing him to sell off quite a few of his homes, including a castle in Germany, a Rhode Island estate and a Bahamian Island. He is also currently auctioning off his mansion in Bel Air, the bidding starts at $10.4 Million.

In a recent interview, fellow A-lister Johnny Depp offers Cage his support, stating to do “whatever it takes” to help his friend. Awww!

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