Johnny Depp Saves Friend from Mugger!

If Christian Bale decides not to reprise his role in Batman 3 we know someone who could play the part! Johhny Depp is said to have pulled some real-life superhero moves to save a friend from being mugged.

According to a report in The Sun, Johnny saved the day when a mugger with a broken bottle attempted to rob his friend Stephen Jones as they were leaving a recording studio in LA. The Sun reports that a source claimed that Johnny Depp stepped out in front of his friend and told the mugger to get lost.

As exciting as this story sounds, odds are that it is merely one more fabrication from the ever-dubious ‘news’ source that is The Sun.

Johnny is currently in Europe where he has been filming The Tourist with Hollywood hot mama Angelina Jolie. That is….unless he sensed the trouble brewing with his spidey-sense and used his superpowers to fly across the world and save his buddy just in time!

Hey, if anyone in Hollywood could be hiding a secret superhero identity, we bet it would be Johnny. So even if this sexy mougar didn’t really fend off a mugger we still love him.

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