Superheroes Unite to Stop Thief!

Okay, so this isn’t your typical celeb news, but it’s awesome and must be done.

Imagine this: you are in Austrailia. You enter a comic book store. You want to the buy special collectors issue of X-Men Omnibus, but the damned thing is $150! You decide you can’t live without it and trade your soul for a little Wolverine action. You make a run for it and BAM! Spiderman is right in front of you! You turn to your left. POW! Two Jedi Knights cut you off! You turn to your right. BOOM! The Flash stops you dead in your tracks! You think about running, but c’mon…do you really think you will outrun The Flash, dude? He ain’t called The Scarlet Speedster for nothing!

Well, that is exactly what happened in an Australian comic book store on Saturday during a promotion for Free Comic Book Day, a promotional celebration for literacy.

Michael Baulderstone, owner of Adalaide Comic Center, said he was dressed as superhero Spider-Man to promote the event when he noticed some shady action from a customer in his store.

“My Spider-sense was tingling” he said “I didn’t want to scare him off so I followed him around the store and eventually said: ‘Are you right there mate?'”
“I’m a tiny bloak, but I just grabbed his bag and looked in it and there was a book,” he said “I had 50 people in the store so I shouted for someone to guard the door and it just happened that the Jedi Knights were there and they had their light sabers out so they held the door until the police arrived. My colleague, who was dressed as The Flash, kept running the shop and stayed calm; it was really a team effort.”

“When the police came in they managed to keep a straight face and just hauled him away,” Baulderstone added.

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