Victoria Beckham Voted Most Glamorous Celebrity

The votes are in and according to Max Factor cosmetics, Beckham wins! Victoria beat out hot celebs like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox for the title of “World’s Most Glamorous Celebrity” based on her famous fashion sense and consistently polished look.
In an interview with Starpulse, a Max Factor spokesperson said:

“Victoria Beckham has been gracing the fashion pages for years now with her glamorous looks and she has designed her own clothes range. She never leaves home without being fully made up and her signature glossy pout has become her calling card. Her simple tailored clothes, along with her love of heels and elegant make-up, have made her a fashion icon and queen of glamour.”

Okay, so we admit it: Victoria Beckham is hot and has definitely influenced others with her fashionista qualities, but really…MOST glamorous in the ENTIRE WORLD? REALLY??

So let us know what you think. Do you agree with Max Factor? Is Victoria Beckham the most glamorous in all the land or can you think of someone you would have rather seen picked?

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