Return to Oz

According to recent reports, America’s favorite flower child, Drew Barrymore, has decided to take on Oz. Which one, you ask? Of the myriad of upcoming flicks surrounding Dorothy Gale that seem to be coming out of the woodworks, Drew’s choice was “Surrender Dorothy”, which has apparently been around since 2002 when  Zack Helm (“Stranger Than Fiction”) wrote the script and it recently resurfaced.

We don’t have too much to go on yet, but from what we do know, Helms wrote the script with Drew in mind to play the great-great granddaughter of Dorothy who must return to Oz to protect it from the Wicked Witch of the West…who Dorothy defeated in the original…apparently she didn’t tell anyone she had mastered resurrection before the whole melting incident.

Anyway, so not only is Drew planning on starring in the film but has also been linked up to direct it, which will be her first time since her debut in “Whip It” starring herself and Ellen Page. Pretty ballsy second project, if you ask us…So, what do you think? Will Drew be able to pull it off? We think that if anyone can put anymore magic into Oz, Drew’s the girl for the job!

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