IRON MAN 2

Last night, we went to see the much anticipated Iron Man sequel at midnight, along with thousands of others.The energy in the line was crazy, people were so amped to see Mougar of the Month, Robert Downey, Jr., reprise his role as Tony Stark. Five screens were sold out by ten, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Iron Man 2 has already made $7.5 million just off of the 12:01 showings and while that isn’t record breaking, it’s still pretty impressive!
So, here is how it’s gonna go down. I am going to give you some of the critics reviews and then I will tell you what I thought.

“A polished, high o-zone sequel” -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times. He rates it a “B”

“A total blast” -Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers. Also a “B”

“Clunky sequel is mostly sloppy seconds” New York Times, A.O. Scott. He gave it a “C”

According to critics, the film seems to come in with a “B-” review.

So here is what I think: The studio did an amazing job with casting. I can’t really think of any stars that could have pulled these roles off better and I think that in that department, home freaking run! The story was interesting enough, but as with many sequels, the newness has worn off and now there will likely never really be another Iron Man movie that will be as exciting as the first. They were unable to capture the magic that they found in the original, but that doesn’t mean I think that it was bad or even less than the first. This movie would be fine as a stand alone movie. You don’t have to see part one to enjoy the sequel and even die hard fans of part one will most likely enjoy the film. Of course, you can’t please everyone, but I think as a whole this film will be another Marvel success story.

In the second installment of the Iron Man trilogy, we meet some new faces, and not just villains. Don Cheadle takes the reins in the role of Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes, replacing Terrance Howard, and does an amazing job, as always. This mans skills never cease to amaze us, he can play anything and he just proves it once again in his latest role. As one of Tony Stark’s closest friends in the story, we see him take on much more than he did in the first film and Cheadle literally shines in the process as he becomes War Machine, Iron Man’s second in command.

Okay, so I will be the first to admit, I was skeptical when I heard that Scarlett Johansson would be taking on the role as bad-ass Black Widow(Natasha Romanoff), but I was pleasantly surprised. While she was a little dull when portraying her “cover up character” of Natalie, she totally kicked ass and took names once she showed us her true identity. While I have read in other reviews that she wasn’t a favorite, I loved her!

Returning as Pepper Potts, Gwyneth Paltrow has a much more prominent role in this film. I won’t give too much away, but in the sequel, you are shown just how much Tony Stark loves and trusts her and just how far she is willing to go for him.

I usually hate it when directors think they need to make a cameo in their films, but I LOVE Jon Favreau in this movie! He doesn’t try to steal the show and he doesn’t give himself an over the top role, but he does appear throughout and is so cute and funny in this movie! He plays Happy the limo driver and although I know his role will grow as the story progresses, he does such a great job that I don’t even care that he is doing the cameo crap. I love him.

Mickey Rourke is introduced as Russian super villain Whiplash and does a great job. I always base my opinion on how good the bad guy was by how bad I want them to die by the end and I REALLY wanted him to die! One of the first characters you see in the film, you know there is trouble right from the get go. This dude is lethal and even though it happens in almost every fight scene, you really aren’t sure that Iron Man can kick his ass.

Ahh…Robert, Robert, Robert…you are so the moug! What can you even say about him? When it comes to superheroes, Tony Stark has it all…er, except the superpowers…and Robert Downey, Jr. knows how to deliver it. When Iron Man is pissed, Robbie is pissed. When Iron Man is distraught, so is Robbie D. He is the perfect combination of billionaire/smartass/conceited/ladies man. He does everything perfectly to point and is spot on on every count. He did amazing in the first and in the sequel, he does all that again, but more. He IS Iron Man!

All in all, I rate the story a “B” and the cast and special effects an “A+” If you liked the first, you will like the second. Go check it out and let us know what you thought!

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