Sasha Fierce Getting Sued!

It seems that Beyonce Knowles aka (maybe) “Sasha Fierce” could be facing some not-so-fierce fines for filming her latest video on forbidden ground.

Apparently a man who lives nearby the site where Ms. Knowles-Fierce just shot the video for her new song, “Why Don’t You Love Me”, is suing the curvaceous singer for trespassing and being a nuisance.

The man, whose name has been released on some sites claims that the shooting of the video “shattered” his dreams of privacy and peace in the expensive neighborhood where he lives. Among the plaintiff’s grievances were the fact that the crew did not vacate the area until 11pm and that his driveway was blocked several times.

How much is the guy suing for you ask? 24,000 dollars.

Buying an house in an “expensive” area of the Hollywood Hills: 650,000 dollars

Having a superstar film a video nearby during regular working hours: minus 24,000 (apparently)

 Getting your name published next to Beyonce’s on the internet: priceless.

It all seems a tad extreme to us here at Celebstalk. So what’s this guy’s deal?

Did he attend Bob Saget’s big birthday bash the night before and was still hung-over from all of the mai-tais he drank trying to get up the courage to talk to Robert Pattinson?

Did recently break a leg and thus has nothing better to do than spy on his neighbors through binoculars and

Is he just a huge Lady Ga-Ga fan who doesn’t want to see his idol share the limelight with other ladies?

Or does he just understand that buying a house in the Hollywood Hills= 650,000 plus

Having a superstar film a video nearby during normal working hours = minus 24,000 (apparently)

And getting your name published next to Beyonce’s on the internet = priceless

So, Mr. Markowitz you tell us the deal. Why Don’t You Love Beyonce? Why?!

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