Count Down to True Blood

We only have 8 more days til the third season of HBOs hit series True Blood begins! For those of you who are still in the dark, True Blood is based on the popular Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris which tell the story of Sookie (a feisty waitress) and her dealings with the supernatural in the small Louisianna town of Bon Temps.

If you don’t already watch True Blood, it’s time to catch up people! It’s got blood, death, sex, romance, intrique, sexy vampires, and more in a setting that is truly as Southern Gothic as it gets. Read the following information about True Blood to get geared up for Season Three

True Blood List of Main Characters:

Sookie Stackhouse: (saucy barmaid and vampire lover): played by Anna Paquin

Bill Compton: (173 year old southern gentleman vampire: Sookie’s love interest) played by Stephen Moyer

Eric Northman:  Before he was a vampire boss he was a Viking. You can’t be much more of a badass than Eric. What does he want with Sookie? you may find out this season…played by Alexander Skarsgard

Tara Thorton: perpetually troubled Tara is Sookie’s best friend. The series expands the bland book Tara, making her more interesting and more naughty! played by Rutina Wesley

Sam Merlotte: Sookie’s boss and shapeshifter Sam Merlotte is the nice guy that always finishes last.  played by Sam Trammell

Jason Stackhouse: Sookie’s big brother, a womanizing idiot without a heart of gold (yet?) look for Jason to get into even more trouble this season! played by Ryan Kwanten.

Lafayette Reynolds: gay short-order cook, dealer, player Lafayette is the BEST change the series made over the books. You’ll tune in just to find out what he’s gonna say and do next. played by Nelsan Ellis

Pam: she’s Eric’s offspring, ex-lover and right hand ‘man’. Snotty, sarcastic, and sexy, Pam doesn’t get what some vampires see in humans..but she might find out…played by Kristin Bauer

and new this season!

Alcide Herveaux: is a werewolf! every girl with a vampire boyfriend needs one, right? Alcide begins as Sookie’s protector, but will he end up as much more? played by Joe Manganiello

Franklin Mott: tall, dark, handsome…but is that all that there is to the new vampire in town? played by James Frain

Debbie Pelt: she’s mean, vindictive, brassy, she’s the crazy mean x-girlfriend every girl dreads to find out her man has. And she has it in for Sookie…played by Brit Morgan

Look for these fun characters and more to be getting down and dirty in True Blood’s Season Three!

And check in with CelebStalk for constant updates on True Blood Season 3

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