Tim McGraw Named “Country’s Hottest Guy”

Country music superstar, Tim McGraw, beat out the likes of Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and even George Strait this year to be named People Country’s “Country’s Hottest Guy”. No argument here! But you might find a little disagreement where you least expect: McGraw’s wife, Faith Hill.

That’s right! When asked, Tim said that his wife would have picked someone different altogether for the win. “George Strait”, he admits. “She thinks he’s gorgeous!”

Okay, so we can’t fault her for that…but Tim has to be at least a close second right? Nope. Guess again! Tim wagers the second runner up in Faith’s book would not be him, but Kris Kristofferson. “When we’re around him, she can barely speak.” WHAT?! While we’ll give her George Strait, and even sympathize with Kristofferson (he IS a handsome man and perhaps one of the original Nashville mougs), Faith…throw your man a bone, girl!

Among many sexy revelations Tim had to offer to People, perhaps my favorite was that he prefers to sleep in the nude. IN. THE. NUDE. Yowza!

Despite recently turning 43 and fathering 3 children, McGraw admits “I still feel pretty young.” Well, Tim…you still look pretty damn good, too!

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