Jeremy London Kidnapped and Forced to Take Drugs (and not just any Drugs…Illegal Ones!

Actor Jeremy London who is most famous for his role on the popular TV series Party of Five has told authorities that he was kidnapped, held at gunpoint, and forced to take drugs in one of the most bizarre stories to hit celebstalk all year! Apparently Jeremy London had pulled over to fix a flat when a group of guys tricked him by offering to help. Once the tire was fixed, Jeremy London (being the nice X-party of fiver that he is) offered to drive the dudes home. The dudes repaid Mr. London’s act of kindness by forcing him to “purchase alcohol and take illicit drugs”. ????

WTF Jeremy London’s representative says the star’s current state is “shaken and scared” but apparently also A-OK as he is speaking with authorities to try to get the mean dudes who kidnapped him busted. This is pretty messed up! Whoever these guys are, they obviously have ZERO respect for Party of Five! What would those kids have done if he’d never come home to them?!! I mean, could Jennifer Love Hewitt actually raise them all by herself?!

Okay…I admit I never watched Party of Five, but STILL…. And besides! If you’re gonna kidnap a celebrity to force them to buy alcohol and use illicit drugs with you, why not pick someone a bit…(sorry Jeremy London) ya know cooler? Someone more in the moment, someone who actually has a hit show on TV or who could take you to a really awesome party where Angelina Jolie AND Robert Pattinson both were hanging out?

(Note: CelebStalk does NOT in any way condone kidnapping celebrities). Do we have to say it guys? LEAVE JEREMY LONDON ALONE! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Again, we do not condone celeb-napping! Don’t do it! It’s totally lame and weird AND illegal. But…we want to ask our readers IF you could kidnap one celebrity for the night to hang with, who would it be? Comment below!

One response

  1. raina

    i’d nap Ryan Reynolds! he’s cool!

    June 18, 2010 at 8:39 pm

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