Aww Sookie Sookie: Were True Blood Stars Having True Sex Scenes?

Strange celebrity news is the theme of the week it seems! The latest news from the cast of True Blood comes from the fabulously naughty mouth of Ms. Anna Paquin who plays the beloved waitress telepath Sookie Stackhouse in the True Blood HBO series.

Word on the street was that Anna Paquin had informed fans that the sex scenes between herself and her real-life partner (Stephen Moyer) who plays her undead partner Bill Compton on this series were the real deal.

Now we knew that the stars were committed to their character portrayal…but let’s just put it this way…if all of the sex scenes in True Blood are the real deal then these actors would all be bonafide porn stars!

So are Anna and Stephen getting it on during filming? And what (SPOILER ALERT DON’T READ ON IF YOU HAVEN”T READ THE BOOKS) does Ms. Paquin plan on doing for her other supernatural love scenes? Will she and Alex sacrifice fidelity for art’s sake?

TRUTH ALERT: Anna and Stephen have had their words twisted a bit by members of the media who want to sell, sell, sell, their crappy magazines. What the stars really said is simply that shooting sex scenes felt natural to them as they are very close (engaged) in real life.

So that ends that rumor! The True Blood cast are not having sex with each other on film. They are also not really vampires and telepaths. Shoot! The guy who plays Jason Stackhouse isn’t even a dumb redneck!

Come on ya’ll! You know that Sookie Stackhouse is a good little Southern Gal who would never let someone film her in her unmentionables! Ya’ll should be ashamed! What would Gran think??!

One response

  1. raina

    Bill looks a bit scary in this photo, he looks like a moutain lion dressed up like a little old man. yuck!

    June 18, 2010 at 8:37 pm

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