Is Bradley Cooper Hot Enough to be the New Kevin Costner?

One second he’s that creepy dude in Wedding Crashers, and the next moment this guy’s gorgeously scruffy face is everywhere you look—from getting wild with the boys in the smash-hit comedy The Hangover, to juggling sexy Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelly in He’s Just Not that Into You, to getting all retro-actions style in this month’s the A-Team, to that dream that you had about you and him in the shower (yeah, we know about that too).

So what is the BCoop planning next? It looks like he’s planning to take a page from Kevin Costner’s book of fame with a role in a classic baseball film. News on the street is that Bradley Cooper is currently attached to a film about a big league player who has to go back to the minors after an injury. Disney is behind this untitled-as-of-yet baseball flick (so take from that what you will).

All that we can say so far is Bradley: “If you build it, we will come.”

P.S. BCoop, you totally used all the hot water!

So what do YOU think? Does Baseball plus Bradley equal a win in your book?

Is Bradley Cooper the next Kevin Costner? 

Should we be waiting for a remake of Dances with Wolves starring the BCoop?

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  1. redridinghood


    June 21, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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