Luv is in the Air: Wimbledon Men’s Tennis Stars get Physical with…

It’s that time of year again. When the grass courts of Wimbledon — the classiest grand slam of tennis– once again call for the best players in the world to battle it out in their finest white duds for the glory of the ultimate win.

But there is more than the thrill of the promise of victory in the air at Wimbledon each year. Luv is in the air too as the top players often bring along their biggest fans, their sweethearts, to cheer them towards victory.

So which top players on the ATP men’s tennis tour can count on their women this year?

Current World Number One Rafa Nadal was recently photographed getting cozy with camera-shy long-term girlfriend Xisca. Rafa has had an amazing record-breaking year in 2010, winning 3 master series events in a row and topping that all off with a win at the 2010 French Open. Rafa Nadal has taken his crown back from the hands of Roger Federer and looks great going in to Wimbledon. With a excellent chance to take home the trophy this year, Rafa Nadal looks like he is finally relaxing enough to enjoy some public PDA with Xisca.

Looks like British tennis star Andy Murray and Kim Sears are back together once again. At the end of last year Kim Sears broke up with Andy Murray saying that he played far too much playstation and didn’t spend enough time on her. But looks like Andy Murray must’ve put the games away to win Sears back. Will this give Andy Murray the strenght that he needs to be the first British player to win the grasscourt championship since Fred Perry?

Then there is the luv affair between former World #1 Roger Federer and his beloved Mirka. Everyone who knows anything about professional tennis knows that Mirka is Roger Federer’s rock. She completes him. She had him at hello. The two were married last year right after Mirka gave birth to twin girls. Will Mirka’s faithful support lead Roger Federer to defend his championship place?

I bet she picks out his clohtes for him and wipes dirt off his face with her spit! (just sayin’)

Then there’s American favorite Andy Roddick. Roddick made it to the final and lost Wimbledon last year to Roger Federer. The match was epic and heartbreakingly close. Many feel that Roddick played the better match. But still, it’s hard to feel sorry for Andy Roddick for losing Wimbledon 2009 when it was the same year he married Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker. Will we see the lovely Brooklyn cheering her man on during the final this year? We hope so!

How did these two meet? Supposedly Andy Roddick saw his wife in a magazine and “had his agent call her agent” for a date. F&*K Wimbledon Andy! How about Andy Roddick the Pimp of the Year for 2009?

 Serbian World Number 3 player Novak Djokovic knows all about getting support from his loved ones. His box is often jam packed with cheering family and friends. His loyal girlfriend Jelena Ristic is a familiar face at many of his big matches. These two are young, rich, and adorable. Novak Djokovic has been quoted as saying that his Jelena is quite a great tennis player herself and much smarter than he is. It’s clear her support is important to him. Maybe this year Jelena Ristic will get to see Novak Djokovic take home his second Grand Slam title!

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