Footloose Movie Remake: Get Ready to Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes Again!

Oohwee Marie! The lead for the remake of the 1984 cult classic, ‘Footloose’, has been revealed! So who is he? Unknown Kenny Wormald will take the role that made Kevin Bacon famous. While several other well known actors had previously been tied to the project, they backed out last minute for various reasons. Zac Efron (High School Musical) and Chase Crawford (Gossip Girl) had been offered the role, but due to scheduling conflicts and fear of typecasts, they both backed out.

Well, those concerns didn’t seem to stop Wormald. Although little is known about this actor, which will change rapidly we predict, we do know that he was a back-up dancer for Justin Timberlake and had small dancing roles in the movies “You Got Served” and “Center Stage 2”. He also appeared on the MTV series “Dancelife”.

Other stars to appear in the remake include Dennis Quaid as Rev. Moore and Julianne Hough as his daughter and the object of Kenny’s affections.

While the remake isn’t set to hit the big screen until next April, we think we will be seeing lots more of this rising star in the future.

So, do you think that Kenny Wormald is the next Kevin Bacon? Do you think they will also be remaking the now famous Kenny Loggins theme song? If so, who should do that?   What was your favorite part of the original?

We’ll keep you posted when we know more! Until then…everybody cut, everybody cut!

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