Is Sandra Letting Jesse Off the Hook?


Just about four months after winning the Oscar and subsequently finding out that her husband was a cheating dog, Sandra Bullock might already be prepared to make amends. PopEater has reported that a source close to Sandra has explained that the recently estranged husband and wife are once again on speaking terms.

The source also admits that the conversations between the two are focused on the children. However, the source has also said that Sandra and Jesse sometimes slip up and talk like they once did before the cheating was unearthed. Could an ultimate reunion between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James be in the future?  The source suggests that it is a possibility and that James would love nothing more.

We at Celebstalk usually don’t bother with news from “secret sources” in celeb news rags. Why? Because they tend to add up to a bunch of bullsh*t. Though we don’t doubt that Sandra is speaking with James (they do have some stuff to sort out and she loves his children like they are her own) we also do not doubt that Sandra will not be allowing any amount of weaseling to lure her back into bed with a man who cheats on her with a chick that enjoys dressing like a Nazi.

So don’t worry folks! America’s Sweetheart is still divorcing that fat jerk and will be very happy raising the new love of her life, adorable adopted son Louis.

Eat Your Heart Out Jesse Jerk-Off James, You’ll Never Have THIS Again!

2 responses

  1. Rachel

    I hope she doesn’t take that loser back! She is too good for him!!

    July 1, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    • Brian

      id lose all respect for her if she did

      July 19, 2010 at 6:28 pm

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