Rob Pattinson Channels Ron Burgundy at Twilight Eclipse Premiere

The latest installment in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, premiered one June 24th. The Twilight cast and other notable members of the movie saga franchise walked the (not red) carpet in Los Angeles.

Notable moments included Kristen Stewart’s fabulous white one-shoulder Elie Saab ensemble, and Robert Pattinson looking a tad bit like Ron Burgundy in a maroon suit by Gucci.

Stay Classy Twilight Cast!

Other stars who walked the super-Twilighty black carpet were: Lance Bass, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ron Artest of the LA Lakers (WTH?) the Kardashian sisters, Alex Rodriguez (yes, A-Rod is a Twi-fan ?)

Seems everyone in Hollywood and even beyond wants to get a bite out of the gooey Twilight fun!

The film premieres across the rest of the country on June 30th of this year. The Twilight Eclipse cast is set to meet up again this October to film Breaking Dawn, which it has been confirmed will be released as two separate films.

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