July’s Mougar of the Month!!!

July’s Mougar of the Month is none other than Paul Rudd!!!

In all his nipple cupping, sheet donning glory, all-American and timeless sex-pot, Paul Rudd is our magnificent Moug o’ July!! From his roles as a pain in the ass but hot step brother to a nerdy groom to be, Paul Rudd has stolen millions of hearts around the world as a cross between the classic hottie next door and the sexy pal who can make you laugh your ass off. He has a ton of projects in the works, too, (My Idiot Brother, Wanderlust) so he will be all over the place soon! (YES!!!) With his newest project, Dinner For Schmucks, where he stars alongside funny man Steve Carrell (The Office) coming out July 30th, we tip our hats to your hotness, Paul Rudd!!

MINI BIO: Born in Jersey and raised in Kansas, Paul Rudd first registered on our mougometers back in 1995’s Clueless as Josh, Alicia Silverstone’s annoying older “step-brother” who stole our hearts. Since then, he has been a little bit of everywhere, from small guest roles on Reno 911 and Friends to leads in some of the best comedies to come out of Tinseltown for the past 15 years, including Knocked Up, Role Models and I Love You, Man.

WHY WE LOVE HIM (AND WHY YOU SHOULD TOO!): Whether he’s making us laugh or stealing our hearts, Paul Rudd is freaking HOT! Not your typical, run of the mill hottie, Paul is the ideal man, the guy you would bring home to your mom and the guy who would drink a beer with your dad. The sensitive guy who would never break your heart and would always want to make a run to Starbucks for you. The guy who would go to the store to buy your “feminine stuff”, the guy who would take you to the theater and have intelligent conversations with you about books and music and really cared about your thoughts on Shakespeare and Hemmingway and supported the anti-fur movement as much as you, but in a totally heterosexual way that always turned you on. The guy who did a hilarious but super sexy strip tease for you to get you in the mood…Ah, Paul Rudd! You rock our worlds you mougariffic bastard!!

MOUGABILITY: This dude is so awesome that even your boyfriends and husbands will watch his movies with you! While he is best known for his romcom’s, he is all about the funny! Your man won’t even care that you think he’s hot because he’ll be laughing too hard at his crazy antics to be jealous! This guy is NEARLY fail safe!

Wanna sneak in some quality time with the Rudd? Check out Dinner for Schmucks on July 30th where Paul plays an up and coming exec who finds the perfect guest for his bosses monthly event, ‘dinner for idiots’, when he meets IRS employee played by Steve Carrell! Can’t wait that long? We don’t blame ya! Check out some of his classics to hold you over till then!!

3 responses

  1. ragirl27

    wow i never would have thought he’d be the July Mougar of the Month..but it totaly makes sense!

    Yeah for the Rudd man!

    July 1, 2010 at 8:33 pm

  2. Rachel

    Paul Rudd is awesome! For sure a magnificent Moug choice!!

    July 1, 2010 at 8:53 pm

  3. redridinghood

    oh yes this guy is totally friggin hawt!!!!

    July 2, 2010 at 12:57 am

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