Kristen Stewart Criticized By a Co-Star?

It doesn’t look like every actor who has shared the screen with beloved belligerent Kristen Stewart is quite as taken with her as Robert Pattinson is. Diablo Cody rencently sat down with Adam Brody who acted opposite Kristen Stewart in “In the Land of the Women” (in it Brody plays a heartbroken emo-y kid who gets the attention of Kristen Stewart’s character, only to fall for her Mom (whaaaaatt??)

Adam Brody knocked Kristen Stewart a bit for the very public display of annoyance at being constantly hounded by paps, press, and even other celebrities. In the interview Brody tells Cody “I don’t have a lot of patience for people who moan about [celebrity] too much…its like quit…you don’t need to be an actor, so its like if it’s that much of a problem…there’s the door.”

So what do you think of Adam Brody’s comments about Kstew’s complaining Celebstalkers?

Is what he said about Stewie justified? Is he just jealous that Kristen Stewart won’t make out with him? Is he just jealous that Robert Pattinson won’t make out with him?

Or is he just hoping that Kristen Stewart will actually hear his comments and quit acting  beause Adam Brody wants to portray Bella Swan in the Breaking Dawn films?

One response

  1. Amanda

    I think he just wants to play Bella!

    July 22, 2010 at 12:43 am

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