Hey Celebstalkers! Happy 1st Mullet Monday!

Today marks the first day of a new weekly segment here on CelebStalk:

Celebrity Mullet Mondays!

From now on every Monday we’ll be showcasing new pictures of celebrities who have taken a walk on the wild side and helped to perpetuate the ‘Business Up Front, Party in the Back’ lifestyle.

Thought that the Mullet was just a marginal hairstyle reserved for hillbillies? Think again! You won’t believe which Hollywood Hotties have jumped on the Mullet Wagon over the years.

And as if laughing at Celebrity Mullets wasn’t enough to help you kick-start your week, you’ll be able to add your two cents in by voting for your fave celeb mullet each week!

So be sure to tune in every Monday without fail and cast your vote in a new Mull-tastic category!

Now, for our first Celebrity Mullet Monday Category: The Rock N’ Mull-(et)

Who Had the Best Rock N’Mull-(et)

U2 (Business up) Front-Man Bono?


Bon Jovi’s lead guitarist (and lead Mullet-maker), Richie Sambora ?

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