Jennifer Aniston Wins Restraining Order Against Duct Tape Stalker

Tuesday, America’s favorite Friend won a restraining order against a man who was found carrying a sharp object, duct tape and another item.

Jennifer’s publicist told Reuters that the man had been arrested earlier this month “outside a location he thought she frequents, but it was a location she in fact has never been to.”

24 year-old Jason Peyton was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Jennifer, according to TMZ, who also was able to obtain court documents regarding the case.

The documents state that Peyton was carrying a bag, a note, a roll of duct tape and notes about Aniston. His car also had large carvings that said “I LOVE JENNIFER ANISTON” and the documents also describe Peyton as an “obsessed, mentally ill and delusional stalker with a history of violence and criminal stalking-who drove cross-country in his delusional ‘mission’ to locate and marry (Aniston),  with whom he believes he is in a relationship.”

Peyton believes he is related to other celebrities including Oprah, Donald Trump, Courteney Cox, Jay-Z, Nelson Mandela and Jennifer Lopez. In the past, Peyton has stabbed himself and hit his own mother with a golf club and was previously institutionalized and prescribed anti-psychotics.

Wow. Well, we think it may be time to revisit the meds, homie. Celebstalk loves Jennifer Aniston and we are VERY happy that she was able to get a restraining order on this whack job. What do you think, Celebstalkers?

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