Sandra Bullock Stalker Gets Slapped with a Restraining Order

Looks like Jennifer Anniston isn’t the only Hollywood A-lister who is fighting back against a stalker and winning. Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock has just filed a temporary restraining order against a stalker who has been relentlessly trying to get close to her for over seven years! Thomas James Weldon has previously been slapped with a three-year restraining order in 2003 and then an extension in 2006. The new restraining order applies to Sandra and her adopted son Louis, as well as to her son’s nanny.

Thomas Weldon has been a patient at a mental hospital previously and has said that he believes Sandra wants to meet with him. Poor Sandra! The creepiness just knows no end with this guy. We hope that she’ll be able to do what she can to get some peace and that the courts understand how important it is to help her to protect herself and her family!

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    August 2, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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