World’s Hottest Zombie Hunter Milla Jovovich is Back in New Movie Resident Evil Afterlife!

Speaking of Female Action Heroes…

Everyone’s favorite Zombie Hunter is coming back in 3D in 2010 to kick even more zombie ass!

Milla Jovovich, the sexy Serbian who starred in the previous three Resident Evil movies is reprising her role as Alice in the new film Resident Evil: Afterlife. The film will also star Ali Larter (Claire Redfield), Wentworth Miller (Chris Redfeild), Sienna Guillory (Jill Valentine) and Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker, chairman of Umbrella.

Those of you who saw Resident Evil: Extinction know that the film gave serious hints towards the development of a sequel in which Alice’s ability to destroy the undead may grow exponentially! We’re so excited that this sequel has been made and is finally coming out.

Resident Evil Afterlife will be hitting theaters on September 10, 2010!  

Who else is super stoked to get the chance to watch Alice/Milla Jovovich take on the Umbrella corporation once again in 3D!

Do you think that Milla Jovovich deserves to be mentioned alongside Angelina Jolie as a bonafide female action hero?

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