Has George Clooney’s Girlfriend Been Part of a Shocking Drug Scandal? Not on HIS Watch!


According to a breaking report on Elisabetta Canalis “has just been implicated in a cocaine scandal that led to the arrest of five people.” It didn’t take long for this report to spread over the internet like wildfire. Some news outlets report that Elisabetta Canalis was involved in not just a coke scandal, but that it involved sex too! (Not Sex Too!!!) aaahhhh!!!!!!!

This of course prompted us here at CelebStalk to try to take a closer look at the facts as they are available now and see if our favorite man-cougar George Clooney has something to be worried about or whether it’s just a bunch of hyperbole baloney. Here we go…

The Source and Allegations:

The claims that George Clooney’s girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis has been implicated in a cocaine scandal originated from a story in an Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. The paper has based the allegations on the reported testimony of Karima a French model who lived in Milan and claims to have used cocaine with Elisabetta Canalis at a nightclub.

The Background:

According to radaronline and Corriere della Sera, an investigation into illicit activities at two popular Italian nightclubs began in 2008. Police suspected that prostitution and drug selling and use were being practiced at the clubs. The MO was apparently to give free cocaine to celebrity clients in order to gain their patronage and up the club’s status with the jet-set crowd. Seems like things at those clubs were pretty shady CelebStalkers! Shady enough to get them shut down as of two days ago.

So…was George Clooney’s girlfriend involved in a drug scandal??

The Verdict:

From the “evidence” all that can be said is that French model, drug-user, and possible prostitute Karima says so. Hardly enough to warrant all of the blaring headlines online today, eh?

 There is no real proof that Elisabetta Canalis did cocaine at any of these shady Italian nightclubs, just like there’s no proof that she didn’t.

We’ve read all of these news articles and NOT ONE can actually even claim that Elisabetta Canalis did anything more than maybe or maybe not use cocaine while at a club.

We’re not advocating drug usage but we do want to point out the vast difference between what Karima really said and what many of these “news” sources are trying to make it sound like Elisabetta Canalis was involved in.

Insinuating that the Italian model and current girlfriend of George Clooney was in any way involved in selling sex or drugs is just irresponsible and stupid at this point.

Even if she did use cocaine in 2008 with French model Karima, it was before she began dating George Clooney.

So what do YOU think CelebStalkers?

Are you sick of silly news sources trying to twist facts to get attention?

Could this now mean trouble in the paradise that is George Clooney’s swank Italian Villa?

If George Clooney decides to dump Elisabetta Canalis, who do you think he should date next?

Have you subscribed to CelebStalk yet so you can get the straight facts the first time?

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