Could Chris Tucker Get Locked the F**k Up?

Chris Tucker, who has starred in roles on movies Friday, The Fifth Element and Rush Hour, is again having trouble with the IRS. With his back taxes adding up to over $11 million, the star has quite a hefty tab.

This isn’t the first time that Chris has had problems paying his taxes. Back in June, California filed a tax lien against him in the mind boggling amount of $3.5 million.

As of now, there has been no talks of the Tucker facing any jail time over the incident, and let’s face it, with the exception of Wesley Snipes, failure to pay taxes rarely lands a celeb in the slammer.

Other stars are apparently having some trouble paying their taxes, too. Comedian Sinbad reportedly owes over $8 million and the IRS has also put liens on Pamela Anderson in the amount of $1.7 million as well as $252,360 from the state of California.

In 2007, Marc Antony (crooner and hubby of Jennifer Lopez) agreed to pay $2.5 million in back taxes.

Most recently, Nicolas Cage reportedly owes $14 million and has blamed his financial advisor but promised to pay up.

While many stars do not handle their own taxes, we are not sure about Tucker. The star has yet to comment on the situation.

So why do you think these seemingly wealthy stars are having such a hard time paying their taxes??

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