Leo’s ‘Inception’ Still Kicking Ass and Taking Names!!

For the third weekend in a row, Inception, starring hottie Leonardo DiCaprio, still rules the American box offices. This week, it beat out Dinner For Schmucks starring Steve Carrell and Celebstalk’s July Mougar of the Month, Paul Rudd, which came in at the number two spot.

The grand total for the dreamy thriller? An impressive $27.5 this weekend, which brings the grand total so far to $193.3 million in just three weeks! Yowza!

It really should come as no surprise, Leo’s films just seem to get better and better and the reviews for his newest imply that Inception is no exception.

So what’s next for Leo? It looks like he has a ton of new projects in the works (Celebstalk knows of at least a mind blowing 20 films in development!), so look forward to seeing him a lot in the future!

Have any of our Celebstalkers had a chance to see Inception? Let us know what you thought!

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