Mullet Mondays: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Hat

Welcome to Celebstalk’s First Annual Mullet Mondays: Shark Week Edition!!

For the first time ever, Celebstalk pays homage to the mullet with bite!

The Shark Week Mullet! Also known as…The Shark-A-Khan Mullet!

So what exactly IS a Shark-A-Khan Mullet? Ha! Like we’ve never been asked THAT before!

While your traditional mullet is all about the “business up front, party in the back” culture that swept the nation, the Shark-A-Khan Mullet takes it to the next level by pullin’ the “party in the back” up to the whole damn dance floor! By combining the mullety goodness with the shark-esque look of the mohawk, you achieve the rare but totally rad Shark-A-Khan Mullet, proving these daring Shark-A-Khan mullet lovers live every week like it’s Shark Week.

Exhibit A: The Mohican Mohawkin’ Shark-A-Khan Mullet

In The Last of the Mohican’s, Wes Studi’s Shark-A-Khan Mullet came to play! Not only did the ‘do encompass everything that the Shark-A-Khan Mullet stands for, but Wes took it further by accessorizing the hell out of it! Notice how the party is clearly on in the front and continues to the back? Classic Shark-A-Khan Mullet. Studi gets it.

Exhibit B: The Proud Mary Shark-A-Khan Mullet

When Tina Turner got tired of workin’ for the man every night and day, she revolutionized the mullet by putting her own can of stank on it. Not content with the mere shindig in the back, Tina opted to turn up the volume in the front for a celebratory coif like no other, taking her look to new heights. What’s love got to do with it? We bet more than we will ever freaking know!

So Celebstalk salutes these defiant ‘do donners for their bravado.

Mullet let me love you, Shark-A-Khan.

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