Elisabetta Canalis Speaks Out About Her Relationship With George Clooney

After all of the media hoopla recently and 11 months of not hearing much from the aspiring actress, Italian model Elisabetta Canalis finally speaks up about what it’s like to date one of the hottest mougars in the world!

“There are some people who just don’t want to see me happy,” she tells Vanity Fair.

Elisabetta also talks about how difficult the constant criticism is on her regarding her relationship with George.

“I sometimes feel insecure, but if you are loved then you always feel great,” she says. “(George) reassures me all the time. He is very close. I feel more embraced than ever before.”

Even though the beauty says that she realizes that most of the criticism she endures is a product of jealousy, it’s still hard for her to understand why people seem to question her motives for dating the 49 year old actor.

“Maybe I should not get so stressed over it. At the end though, the best way to confront this envy is to be happy, but it’s just that they won’t forgive.”

So who does Elisabetta give credit for her being able to turn her head to the constant envy of dating one of the sexiest men alive? None other than the silver fox himself!

“The idea of being so loved is overwhelming,” she says. “George has given color back to my life. I feel great-it’s as if I am 18 years old again!”

Awww! So he’s super hot, rich AND an awesome boyfriend? No wonder the girls are so jealous!

So do you think that there could be wedding bells in the couples future, Celebstalkers? It’s hard to tell, what with George being the notorious bachelor that he is and all, but regardless, it’s good to see that the mega moug is happy!

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