Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Judging American Idol?


Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

The breaking news just keeps breaking concerning just who will make up the panel of judges on season ten of American Idol. And the latest reports say that Steven Tyler, front man of Aerosmith and rock mougar legend will be one of the new judges!  Randy will be coming back and the third American Idol judge just might be Jennifer Lopez

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as American Idol judges? hhhhmmm….

Simon’s departure has no doubt made more than one hopeful potential contestent breath a huge sigh of relief at escaping his snarky wrath. But the question remains as to whether or not American Idol CAN continue without Simon and still be a hit show.

With Ellen DeGeneres departing saying she and the show weren’t a good fit, and the recent firing of Kara DioGuardi, Fox is in a scramble to find exciting judges to keep its cashcow show earning at top speed. So it makes sense that they’d want Steven Tyler as an American Idol judge.

What do you think CelebStalkers?

Think that Steven Tyler will be a good American Idol judge? 

Will he suggest that singers try to get a bit more freaky with the mic stand?

Will he straight up tell the really bad singers to Dream On?

Share your thoughts!

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