Robert Pattinson Has a Son! Or Two?

More like two sons and not biological ones (so calm down ladies)! Actually Robert Pattinson just got to meet his ‘sons’ while filming his new movie Water for Elephants this week in Chattannooga Tennessee. Robert Pattinson’s character in Water for Elephants, Jacob, has two boys that appear in the film.   

Two local boys Mason and Liam were chosen to portray Robert Pattinson’s sons and spent the day shooting a scene that will appear in Water for Elephants. Let’s hope that Robert’s two film sons got a big fat paycheck for the day cause that’s likely to be the only form of child support that good ole Rpattz ever sends their way 😉

Did you know that Robert Pattinson actually once played Reese Whiterspoon’s son in Vanity Fair? Robert’s scene with Reese was cut from the final product, but appears in the deleted scenes.

What do you think CelebStalkers? Do you think that Robert Pattinson’s sons in Water for Elephants will look anything like him?

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