Know Your Celebrity: Don Cheadle Edition

You’ve seen him tons of roles from a misunderstood Cowboy in the porn industry in Boogie Nights, alongside Mark Wahlberg, to a hotel manager caught up in the middle of a Civil War in Hotel Rwanda. But how much do you really know about Don Cheadle?

What you probably already know about Don Cheadle:

1. At 45 years of age, women in their 20’s still find him irresistible! This makes Don Cheadle a major mougar!

2. Don Cheadle replaced Terrence ‘wah-wah’ Howard in Iron Man 2 as War Machine and did an awesome job!

3. Don Cheadle was nominated for an academy award for his moving performance in Hotel Rwanda (if you haven’t seen it, you’d better run out and watch it NOW)

Things you may NOT have known about Don Cheadle…

1. Don Cheadle was named U.N. Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador in 2010.

2. He’s a founding member, along with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and others, of Not On Our Watch an organization that fights for human rights and the end of genocide in Darfur!

3. Don Cheadle loves poker! He once took pro-poker player Phil Ivey out of a tournament. He is also a co-founded of the charity poker tournament Ante Up for Africa along with Annie Duke.

4. Don Cheadle was given the Summit Peace Award in 2007, along with fellow humanitarian mougar George Clooney for his work in Darfur.  

Don Cheadle is lives in California with his wife and two daughters.

 Catch Don Cheadle in The People Speak, based on the ground-breaking, eye-opening book, A People’s History of the United States, by the late and great American historian, teacher, and writer Howard Zinn.

Also, look up Don Cheadle in Webster’s Dictionary where a picture of him appears as the epitomizing definition of FREAKING AWESOME!

Look out for this awesome philanthropist mougar in his upcoming films: 2010’s The Guard and 2012’s the Avengers.

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