The Way They Were: Celebrity Couples that Settled Down in Splitsville

Dear Readers: It is our dream that you read the captions to each photo and sing along as you read the following post reminiscing with us about the great celebrity couples of the past. Let yourselves feel the nostalgia, the heartache, the awkward, that our favorite celebrities must also feel when looking at these photos and remembering loves gone wrong. Get out your hankies readers cause this is going to show just how much Love Hurts.  

"do you feel my heart beating, do you understand?"

Before the hectic days of shop-lifting and marrying French supermodels, Johhny Depp and Winona Ryder were a young “it” couple madly in love. Johnny Depp even got Winona’s name inked onto his arm “Winona Forever” which he later infamously changed to Wino Forever.  R.I.P Johnny and Winona! 

scattered pictures...of the smiles we left behind...smiles we gave to one another...

Who can forget this incredible celebrity couple! Julia was so in love with Kiefer that she ran away to a foreign country with his friend dyed her hair blonde to match his. That’s pretty low Julia Roberts. Better watch out for that karma now that you’re a practicing Hindu. 

"ain't no lie I wanna see you out that door baby - bye, bye, bye

We know what you’re thinking readers: Did this really happen??!!! Maybe whoever organized this fancy event just sat Courtney Love at poor Edward Norton’s table because they figured he was enough of a gentleman not to instantly puke on her on sight. WRONG. They dated. And apparently were serious enough about each other to have this happen: 


And do you remember this fabulous, young and in love celebrity couple? 

once upon a time he was falling in love, now he's only falling apart...

That’s right Celebstalkers, before Joachim allowed mountain man beards, big freaking sunglasses, meaningless rants, and a fledgling rap career come in between him and his sexiness he was madly in love with Steven Tyler’s beautiful daughter Liv Tyler. We have faith in you Joachim! Get that sexiness back! 

how can i just let you walk away just let you leave without a trace?

Before there was Robsten bringing the magic of Twilight alive, there was Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams making us believe that all that lovey-dovey, break-up and make-up, frustrated, passionate throw me against the wall and love me forever romance from the Notebook was possible. Look at these two MF’in hipsters in love…sigh….we miss you guys. 

"all I wanna say is they don't really care about us"

Carson and Jennifer went out. Then they broke up. 

Didn't we almost have it all? When love was all we had worth giving? The ride with you was worth the fall my friend

Who can forget Bennifer? Without Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck there would be no Robsten, there would be no Brangelina, there would be no reason to have ever filmed Gigli. Their love may not have lasted, but it was worth it for the gifts that they brought to us. 

And now we move on to a celebrity couples walk down memory lane that needs its own category: It’s the Jenn-Brad-Angelina celebrity couple massacre. 

is she really going out with him?


Once upon a time of red velvet pants, grunge-rockers, chubby-faced Jennifer Anistons and it being acceptable to tie your leather jacket around your waist these two were a hot -hot item…. 

well I'd trade all of my tomorrows, for one single yesterday to be holding brad's body next to mine...

In a way Juliette Lewis, we feel sorry for you. But in a way we just can’t. You had this world-wide sex symbol all to your little self back in the day and you probably enjoyed the hell out of it. Yes, eventually Brad Pitt would move on to bang and settle down with two of the hottest women in Hollywood, but for one brief moment in time he was your man-candy and that was good enough for you… 

when you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears...

He had an overwhelming fear of orange food and antique furniture. She had a vial of his blood on a chain around her neck. They did it in the car on the way to the red carpet and shared it with the world…then they got divorced and she married a much hotter guy. The End. 

want you by my side, girl to be my bride, you'll never be denied everlasting love

Remember this famous celebrity couple?  Gwen and Brad may have been just a blip on the radar screen when compared to celebrity couples that have included Brad Pitt, but once these two love-birds shared everything from their hearts to their hairdresser… 

Can you think of any celebrity couples that you’d like to have seen included here? 

Are there any celebrity couples that you wish were still together?

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