You Asked For It: Zac Efron’s Bedroom Edition

Dear Readers (yes readers, because there was more than one of you) who googled “Zac Efrons Bedroom” to get to our blog:

This is the internet. It is not reality. It’s not even virtual reality. It is not a magical machine that can transport you to realms of pleasure where all of your dreams come true. In a perfect world, you could google “Zac Efrons Bedroom” and be magically transported via a flying carpet into the sleeping quarters of  Zac Efron. There, you would wake-up amid purple silk sheets in the arms of Zac Efron as he stared down at you with complete and utter love written all over his girlish face.  There in the heaven that is Zac Efrons bedroom, you would frolic with this perfect man-boy, singing duets from High School Musical and helping Zac perfect his Efron Swirley<LINK>.

Well readers, we’d love to be able to help you in your quest to enter into the wonderland that is Zac Efrons Bedroom. Unfortunately, we can’t serve as your portal into the real Zac Efrons Bedroom. What we can do is help you to imagine the magic-ness that is Zac Efrons Bedroom by offering the following visuals of what WE think you’d find there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From now on we’ll select the wackiest search engine term that someone used to get to our blog each week and feature it in our “You Asked For It” feature post so be sure to tune back in to CelebStalk for more crazy fun!

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