Rafa Nadal Ready to Win U.S. Open

There’s no denying that with 3 consecutive masters titles  and  two consecutive Grand Slam titles, Rafa Nadal has totally proven himself to the tennis world once again after a rough 2009. Rafa Nadal reclaimed his spot as number one in the world in men’s tennis with a recording breaking clay-court season and victory on the grass as well.

So, is this the year that the sexy Spanish sweetheart will  finally break through and win the only Grand Slam title still eludes him? Maybe.  For the King of Clay, the hardcourt season never yeilds his top results. Still, with an increasingly vunerable Roger Federer, a lackluster Andy Murray, and American Andy Roddick possibly struggling with health issues, players like Novak Djokovic and Robin Soderling might be Rafa Nadal’s major competition.

 Rafa Nadal’s literally stomping of Soderling at the French Open and his continual dominance over Novak Djokovic leave the path to winning the title well within reach for Rafa Nadal.

Yesterday Rafa Nadal played an exciting match against Stanislas Wawrinka, which he won 7-6 (12), 6-3.  It seems that Rafa is more than ready to finally sieze his first ever U.S Open Grand Slam tennis title!

Good luck Rafa!

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