Katie Holmes Will Join New Adam Sandler Project

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Katie Holmes will be joining the cast of Adam Sandler’s newest film, Jack and Jill.

Katie will be starring alongside Sandler and legend Al Pacino in the film.

The script is about a man named Jack (Sandler) whose twin sister, Jill (also Sandler) comes to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and then won’t leave.

Katie Holmes would be playing the part of Jack’s wife while Al Pacino is playing himself.

Although we still aren’t sure when this movie will be released, we do have it on good authority that filming will begin sometime in October.

So, Celebstalkers…what do you think?

Does Jack and Jill sound like a funny movie to you?

Are you excited to see Al Pacino in an Adam Sandler film?

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    August 30, 2010 at 6:36 pm

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