Which Hunk is October’s Mougar of the Month?

October’s Mougar of the Month is Colin Firth!!

Mmmm…the total package! Colin Firth has starred in films portraying some of the most mougariffic men in the history of the silver screen. He’s the perfect gentlemen with a naughty side just waiting to come out and play! From his heart wrenching hotness to his sexy British accent, Colin Firth is the poster boy for the classy mougar, making Celebstalk proud to name him our outstanding October Mougar of the Month!

Mini Bio: Born into an academic family, Colin’s first role was while he was in infant school where he played Jack Frost in a holiday pantomime. His early childhood was spent in Nigeria with his grandparents, who were missionaries, and once he returned to England at age five, he attended a comprehensive school. He was discovered in his final term while playing Hamlet and the rest was mougar history.

Why We Love Him (And Why You Should Too!): No matter what super-sensitive-sexy stud Colin portrays, women WANT him. Not just that, they yearn for him! He could play a garbage man with a drug addiction who leaves his wife to join a circus of storm trooper impersonators and somehow, women would STILL want him. His raw, sexual magnetism permeates into each and every role he plays and he finds a way to fulfill nearly every romantic fantasy women across the globe have ever had on screen, which makes him irresistible, all the while acting as though he is completely oblivious to his mega-hotness. Ahh, Colin…you are our modern day moug in shining armor!

Mougability: When it comes to Colin the question is not what IS mougalicious about him, but rather what is NOT mougalious. The Firth Man is the ultimate package! He’s sexy, sensitive, talented, smart, classy, and he has the most adorable accent you’ve ever heard.

Colin is the kind of guy that takes you out on a REAL date with everything from flowers, to candle-light, to a fantastic “no-strings attached” foot massage included. He’ll ask you about your feelings and dreams, buy you a baby kitten, do all of the laundry, cook you dinner, then eye-&*^% you across the table til your knees are so weak that he has to carry you to bed, where he’ll rock your world and let you call him Mr. Darcy!  How can any girl resist him?!

But watch out ladies, this is one guy you’d have to hide from your family and friends….why? Cause everyone from your Mum, to your BFF, to your straight brother wants this guy all to themselves. What can we  say about the swoon-tastic Mr. Firth, but that he has bewitched us, body and soul and we love him…most ardently!

Most Mougarific Movies

Looking to spend some quality time with this Babelicious Brit? We thought so! Rent these mougary movies starring everyone’s favorite English (Sex)Muffin right now!

1. Pride and Prejudice – Colin is pouty, proud, and posh  in this great adaptation of Jane Austen’s most famous novel. There is a reason that all women want Mr. Darcy and Colin has only amplified that level of want up to 11!

2. Bridget Jones Diary – Colin once again plays Mr.Darcy (Mark Darcy here) in this hilarious romantic comedy, he’s hopelessly adorable even when you think he’s a prick. And come on! Not many men can rock a reindeer sweater and still look that hot!

3. Love Actually -Why this movie? Let’s see, maybe for the scene that every woman fantastizes about nightly?! Colin Firth learning your language just so that he can march into your crappy job, declare his love, propose marriage, and take you away to worship you forever. Sigh.

4. A Single Man – This film recently got Colin Firth the coveted Oscar nod and if he’d won it no one would have said he didn’t earn it.  While the film is sad, it shows Colin’s phenomenal range, has some heartbreakingly sweet scenes, and shows the world that Colin supports everyone’s right to love and be loved, which is perhaps the hottest thing about our Mr. October Mougar of the Month, Colin Firth!

3 responses

  1. TimWarp

    Couldn’t agree more – but you left out FUNNY. IMHO, the thing that makes Colin irresistably sexy is that he’s So Damn Funny!

    October 1, 2010 at 2:29 pm

  2. Firthivated

    Thought your article was spot on in every way. Colin IS the total package, and he just keeps getting better.
    Can you believe this man is 50?!!!

    I also agree with TimWarp, Colin’s humour is a very endearing quality as well.

    October 4, 2010 at 11:14 pm

  3. I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knowledgeable?

    October 24, 2011 at 11:55 pm

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