Is the world ready (or interested) to see Kristen Stewart get Naked in Breaking Dawn?

Well celebstalkers, the big news on the street is that the sulky Twilight star Kristen Stewart will be going full monty in the fourth film of the saga set to come out sometime in 2011. Apparently a source who has viewed the script for the film has leaked the information that Kristen’s character Bella Swan is “practically naked in it a lot.”

However, just as soon as this nudie new piece hit the internet, sources such as Gossip Cop began  trying to set the story straight. According to Gossip Cop, a reliable source as related that Kristen Stewart will indeed NOT be appearing in the flesh at all. Fans of the films who have read the book will know that Bella and Edward’s honeymoon scenes would indeed allow for some fleshy fun to be shown on-screen. But come on people! This is a film mainly marketed towards teenagers, based on a book written for Young Adults by a Mormon mother of three!

So those of you who got all titillated by the thought of seeing more of KStew may just have to rent that other movie no one cares about where she plays a stripper or whatever cause we at celebstalk officially take the side of “it isn’t going to happen and we’re fine with that.

The real question that is on everyone’s mind is “is Robert Pattinson going to be nakedin Breaking Dawn?”

I mean Kristen Stewart is a lovely gal and all. But come on! No one actually cares whether or not they are going to get to see her bum. While on the other hand, confirmation of a nude RPattz ass could make Breaking Dawn the top grossing film of all time.

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