Jake Gyllenhaal Forks it Out For Time With Taylor Swift

So what would YOU do if you had 150,000 dollars? Would you pay off the rest of your mortgage, take a fantastic trip around the world for a year? Build a school in Africa so that hundreds of young children could be educated? Send your child to the best University in the nation? Not if you were Jake Gyllenhaal you wouldn’t! Apparently if you were Jake Gyllenhaal you’d spend that extra 150,000 dollars you had laying around to transport singer Taylor Swift across the ocean for ONE DAY. Source are reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal rented a personal jet to fly the young country singer all the away from America to the UK so that the two of them could spend some quality time together. Jake Gyllenhaal has been in the UK promoting his new film Love and Other Drugs, also starring Anne Hathaway. Right now looks like the amount that Jake Gyllenhaal spent flying good old Swifty overseas could just be a speculation guestamation, but still…come on Jake! Was it really worth it? Think of all of the good things you could have done with that money! So is the news that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift just may be a hot new couple news to you? So far the two starts have only admitted to “hanging out” together. But this latest news certainly makes us wonder if there isn’t something more to the relationship than they are ready to admit. We’d like to strongly recommend that they come out as a couple right now, before old Jakey goes down in history as the guy who spends 150,000 dollars NOT to get laid. So what do YOU think celebstalkers? Is the world ready for Jakelor? What does this new information do to the rumors that Taylor wrote her new song about how much she missed Taylor Lautner? Share your thoughts!

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