A Little Ditty About John and Meg

Okay, so our title isn’t Shakespeare, but you get the idea. Anyway, the latest buzz around Tinseltown is that John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan are dating. The whole thing has been pretty secretive due to John and his wife of 18 years recently calling it quits, but sources say that they are indeed an item.

The two have reportedly been seen in Martha’s Vineyard looking pretty cozy with each other.

Meg Ryan is one of America’s most beloved actresses from movies like “When Harry Met Sally”, “You’ve Got Mail” and “City of Angels”. John Mellancamp has been rockin’ his socks off for decades with hits like “Jack and Diane” and “Hurts So Good”.

No word yet from the two stars or John soon to be ex wife, model Elaine Irwin has to say about the rumors, but as soon as we have something, you will be the first to know, Celebstalkers!!

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