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Angelina Jolie to be a Sexy Cleopatra

Beyonce might have been the first film vixen to bear the moniker “Sexy Cleopatra” but it looks like an even sexier Cleopatra may soon grace the big screen. Angelina Jolie is rumored to be at the head of the running to play the scandalous, smart, and shrewd Queen of the Nile in a film version of the  life based on the popular book by Stacy Schiff “Cleopatra: A Life”.

USA Today has reported that the producer Scott Rudin has bought the rights to the work and that he wants Angelina Jolie in the starring role.

Will Angelina Jolie be able to bring the proper feel to the role of a woman who ruled a country and was loved by both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony? She certainly has the looks to portray the sexy Macedonian..we’ll see how the rest goes!

This makes us wonder who they’ll cast to play Marc Antony…there are already speculations that Mr. Pitt may be cast. PLEASE NO! As much as we love Brad in battle gear, it would be so snoozerific to see him in the role. Been there done that with RBurt and LTay like so forever ago.

So who do YOU think should be cast to play the Antony to Angelina’s Cleo?

Brad Pitt? (if you choose this you suck)

Gerard Butler?

Bradley Cooper?

Sean Bean?

Someone else?

Comment below and tell us what you think?