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Jaden Smith Wants to Train in Hong Kong

After his time filming The Karate Kid with actor and martial arts living legend, Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith has decided he wants to return to Hong Kong so he can continue his martial arts training.

No news yet on when or even if this may happen, we suspect he is still finishing up publicity for the popular ’80’s remake, which debuted at number 1 for the weekend bringing in a whopping $56 million.

Will Smith, Jaden’s superstar dad and an executive producer on the film, says he hopes the success will extend to China, where it will premiere on Tuesday.

“I’m very excited about how well the movie did in the U.S. and I hope the rest of the world will have the same reaction,” he said. “This collaboration will speak loudly. It’s truly a collaboration of two very different nations.”

Jackie Chan’s character in the movie has won over critics and he has told reporters last week in Beijing that parts such as this are rarely offered to him in the U.S., where audiences are more used to seeing him in more lighthearted roles such as the “Rush Hour” series.

“I’m very happy to take on a different role. It’s not just a comedy, but a serious role.” Chan added.

“The Karate Kid” is in theaters nationwide now! Go check it out and let us know what you thought!!