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Leonardo DiCaprio Granted Restraining Order Against Crazy Lady

Leonardo DiCaprio, star of films like Titanic, Romeo and Juliet and Inception, was granted a restraining order against deranged fan Livia Bistriceanu, a woman who believes she is Leo’s wife and is carrying his child…who she named Jesus… earlier this week.

Apparently, Livia sent Leo multiple hand written letters asking him if he would like to be the father of her unborn child.

Leo’s lawyer stated in court that the star was fearful of the “delusional” woman and for his personal safety.

One of the letters, obtained by TMZ, reads:

“Do you want to be with me for real and to be the father of Jesus? I’ve explained you I can’t be with nobody virtually. I have to have a father in reality for Jesus not like this.”

Yikes! The court ordered the woman to stay at least 100 yards away from Leo.

Ironically, this restraining order was granted in the same week that trial began against a woman who was arrested for striking Leo in the face with a glass at a private party in Hollywood in 2005, injuring his neck and face. The woman is facing up to 7 years in prison for the assault.

So, what is the deal with these ladies? Here’s the thing, Celebstalkers, everyone knows that Leonardo DiCaprio is a sexy slice of mougar berry pie, but if your “date” makes you feel like you have hide in the bushes or name your secret baby after the son of God, he may not be the right one for you!

So what do you think about all of the crazies, Celebstalkers? Make sure you comment below!