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Happy Birthday Sean Connery!!

Okay, so we usually don’t do special posts just because it’s a celebrity’s birthday, but as the leading site in all thing mougars, we have to send a shout out to the original moug himself, Sir Sean Connery!

This Scottish sexpot has been driving ladies mad since the 1950’s and even though he turns 80 today(Shocking! Positively shocking!), he is still ranks #1 on most everyone’s moug-o-meter!

So, what does Mr. Connery have planned for his birthday celebration? He will be spending it in the Bahamas with his wife, Micheline and 15 of his closest loved ones.

From his seductive Scottish accent to his gorgeous looks and his sexy roles over the years, Sir Sean Connery has shaken and stirred a number of ladies of every age. But don’t let him fool you! This hot piece of moug is more than just a pretty face! Did you know that after appearing in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves that Sean donated his entire paycheck (almost $2 mil) to charity?! Not to mention, he served in the Royal Navy…you know, Sean, we love a moug in uniform!

So, in honor of your birthday, we salute you, Sean Connery, you mougalicious son of a bitch! Happy Birthday from your friends here at Celebstalk!

Alright Celebstalkers, tell us what your favorite Sean Connery film is!

Steven Tyler To Bring Some ‘Sweet Emotion’ To American Idol!

It’s official! Mougalicious Steven Tyler, lead singer of the legendary band Aerosmith, will be joining the panel of American Idol judges for season 10!

Multiple inside sources confirmed the news of the done deal to E! News and Access Hollywood, saying that the deal with Tyler had been completed.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for over 30 years, Aerosmith has had such hits as “Dream on”, “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” and “Crazy”, to name just a very few.

While there is reportedly one more spot open for the final judge, we aren’t sure who they’ll pick. Although it is still rumored that Jennifer Lopez is still a top pick from FOX, new rumors circulating that the diva’s demands were too high. The studio is said to be speaking with several “big celeb names”, so who knows who they’ll pick…maybe Foxtrot Charlie or Echo Bravo should audition??

So what do you think Celebstalkers? Do you think Tyler will make a great addition to the panel? Or do you think they should go another way?

One thing you can be sure of with Steven Tyler is that you won’t be getting the “same old song and dance”!