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Brad Pitt Sentences Those Responsible for BP Oil Spill to Death

Recently mega-moug Brad Pitt spoke up about what he thinks of the people responsible for BP’s massive oil spill.

So what would Brad do if he was in charge? He says he would have considered having the people responsible for the BP oil spill executed if he was in power and while he usually opposes capital punishment, he would make an exception if he could.

FOX News quoted Brad while he was filming his part for Spike Lee’s new documentary If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise, which is being made to show the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as it comes to it’s fifth anniversary.

When asked about his comment, Brad Pitt, who has been pretty active in helping rebuild parts of New Orleans, said “I was never for the death penalty before-I am willing to look at it again.”

If you are interested in seeing Brad in Spike Lee’s documentary, you can watch it on HBO Tuesday night.

So, Celebstalker’s, what do you think about Brad’s comments?

Do you think Angelina Jolie agrees??

Do you wish that Brad was in charge?

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