MERRY CHRISTMAS, CELEBSTALKERS!!! You’ve waited patiently and we will not disappoint you!! Celebstalk’s 1st Annual Mougar of the Year is JOHNNY DEPP!!!!

Ever since he first caught our gaze in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street as the hottie who got sucked into the mattress, we’ve been dreaming of him! Since then, he has appeared in countless movies and television shows and has rapidly become the most swoon worthy celebrity in the universe! While that alone may give us enough reason to name him our Celebstalk Moug of the Year, we won’t stop there! Settle in for the most epic mougalicious post ever on Celebstalk!!

Mini Bio: Johnny was born in Kentucky and raised in Florida where he dropped out of high school at the age of 15 to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star. After being introduced to Nicholas Cage, he decided to try his hand at acting and the rest is mougar history! Since, he has appeared in a myriad of roles ranging from the ultra-eccentric Mad Hatter and Edward Scissorhands to playing a real life druglord to the world’s most beloved pirate. He has been awarded People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive multiple times, has opened for Iggy Pop and Duran Duran and has a nightclub in Estonia named after him, which is quite a step up from selling ball point pens (which he did before he acted). Nowadays, he is one of the most famous, beloved and fantasized about male celebrities on the face of the Earth! We love you, Johnny, you mougalicious son of a bitch!

Why We Love Him (And Why You Should Too!): Hello! He’s JOHNNY FREAKING DEPP! Everyone loves this guy! Not only is he one of the most versatile actors in the history of the cinema, but he is also one of the most gorgeous! Almost anyone can be hot, but it takes something more to be THAT hot and still make you actually want to watch a movie and find out what happens. He is everything that you could ever want in a man. He has every big selling quality of all of our previous Moug’s in one beautiful package. He has the versatility that made us fall for Robert Downey Jr. in May, the perfect good looks and romance that made us crush for Edward Cullen in June, the sense of humor that made us rush to Rudd, the rugged good looks and strong body that made us beg for Gerard Butler, the distinguished, classic good looks of Gorgeous George in September, the class and sensitivity that made us crave Colin and the sexy mystery that we wanted from Denzel and more! There is no end to the things that we love about Johnny Depp, everything from his talent to his heart breaking good looks makes us love him and he has the personality to boot! He is the perfect man through and through and he just gets better every year.

His Mougability: This man can do anything! He takes everything you want and he makes it more than you could ever imagine! He is passionate, he is unique, he is multi-talented, he is sexy, he is sensitive, he is the “given.” It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are or what kind of man you like, you love Johnny and your man knows it. What’s better, is he can’t even be mad about it because he knows that’s just how it is. There has never been a woman on the face of the planet that has seen this man and not fell head over heels stupid in lust with him! And to top it off, he is really amazing at what he does. On a Friday night, you can pop in a Depp flick and be instantly entertained. Men want to be him, women want to be his slave. His is the total freaking package!

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s Celebstalkers! We have had a lot of amazing Moug’s this year and Johnny takes the cake for Celebstalks 2010 Mougar of the Year! We love you Johnny! You were definitely worth the wait!!!

Wanna see more Depp? Hell yeah you do! Right now, you can catch him in theaters in his newest movie, The Tourist, where he costars with Angelina Jolie. He has at least 8 (that’s right Celebstalkers!!!) projects in the works, so we can tell you that you can expect to see much much more of him in the future! But until then….

Stay Tuned…

Hey there Celebstalkers! Echo and Foxtrot here and we know you must be wondering where we have been! Well, as you know the end of another year is fast approaching, which many things here at Celebstalk!

You may also notice that we did not post a Mougar of the Month for the month of December…’s all part of the plan, Celebstalkers! Since it is the end of the year and we know that you have all been very good boys and girls this year, we are preparing an extra special post for our Mougar of the YEAR!

The Mougar to top all Mougars from 2010!

We PROMISE it will be worth the wait!

Who do you think he will be?? We have had such tasty moug’s on our site this year, it’s hard to believe there could be one man to out-Moug them all, but there is!!

Please be patient with us while we get him ready for his big unveiling!!!! And comment below if you’d care to venture a guess!


Dane Cook’s Brother Sentenced To Prison

Comedian Dane Cook’s half brother and ex manager, Daryl McCauley was sentenced to 5-6 years in prison on Wednesday in Massachusetts after pleading guilty to a variety of charges that included embezzlement, 27 counts of larceny and 3 counts of forgery, just to name a few.


According to recent reports, Dane’s brother Daryl admitted to stealing millions from Cook while he was working as his manager.


McCauley was arrested in December of 2008 after he was accused of writing checks to himself from Great Dane Enterprises, Dane’s company.


In addition to jail time, the judge also has sentenced McCauley to ten years probation and has ordered that he make restitution to Cook.


No word yet on what delicious Dane has to say following the news of the sentencing, but as always, when it hits the news, you can read it here first on Celebstalk!

So Celebstalkers, what do you think about Dane Cook’s brother for stealing millions from his company?

Comment below!


Which Hunk is October’s Mougar of the Month?

October’s Mougar of the Month is Colin Firth!!

Mmmm…the total package! Colin Firth has starred in films portraying some of the most mougariffic men in the history of the silver screen. He’s the perfect gentlemen with a naughty side just waiting to come out and play! From his heart wrenching hotness to his sexy British accent, Colin Firth is the poster boy for the classy mougar, making Celebstalk proud to name him our outstanding October Mougar of the Month!

Mini Bio: Born into an academic family, Colin’s first role was while he was in infant school where he played Jack Frost in a holiday pantomime. His early childhood was spent in Nigeria with his grandparents, who were missionaries, and once he returned to England at age five, he attended a comprehensive school. He was discovered in his final term while playing Hamlet and the rest was mougar history.

Why We Love Him (And Why You Should Too!): No matter what super-sensitive-sexy stud Colin portrays, women WANT him. Not just that, they yearn for him! He could play a garbage man with a drug addiction who leaves his wife to join a circus of storm trooper impersonators and somehow, women would STILL want him. His raw, sexual magnetism permeates into each and every role he plays and he finds a way to fulfill nearly every romantic fantasy women across the globe have ever had on screen, which makes him irresistible, all the while acting as though he is completely oblivious to his mega-hotness. Ahh, Colin…you are our modern day moug in shining armor!

Mougability: When it comes to Colin the question is not what IS mougalicious about him, but rather what is NOT mougalious. The Firth Man is the ultimate package! He’s sexy, sensitive, talented, smart, classy, and he has the most adorable accent you’ve ever heard.

Colin is the kind of guy that takes you out on a REAL date with everything from flowers, to candle-light, to a fantastic “no-strings attached” foot massage included. He’ll ask you about your feelings and dreams, buy you a baby kitten, do all of the laundry, cook you dinner, then eye-&*^% you across the table til your knees are so weak that he has to carry you to bed, where he’ll rock your world and let you call him Mr. Darcy!  How can any girl resist him?!

But watch out ladies, this is one guy you’d have to hide from your family and friends….why? Cause everyone from your Mum, to your BFF, to your straight brother wants this guy all to themselves. What can we  say about the swoon-tastic Mr. Firth, but that he has bewitched us, body and soul and we love him…most ardently!

Most Mougarific Movies

Looking to spend some quality time with this Babelicious Brit? We thought so! Rent these mougary movies starring everyone’s favorite English (Sex)Muffin right now!

1. Pride and Prejudice – Colin is pouty, proud, and posh  in this great adaptation of Jane Austen’s most famous novel. There is a reason that all women want Mr. Darcy and Colin has only amplified that level of want up to 11!

2. Bridget Jones Diary – Colin once again plays Mr.Darcy (Mark Darcy here) in this hilarious romantic comedy, he’s hopelessly adorable even when you think he’s a prick. And come on! Not many men can rock a reindeer sweater and still look that hot!

3. Love Actually -Why this movie? Let’s see, maybe for the scene that every woman fantastizes about nightly?! Colin Firth learning your language just so that he can march into your crappy job, declare his love, propose marriage, and take you away to worship you forever. Sigh.

4. A Single Man – This film recently got Colin Firth the coveted Oscar nod and if he’d won it no one would have said he didn’t earn it.  While the film is sad, it shows Colin’s phenomenal range, has some heartbreakingly sweet scenes, and shows the world that Colin supports everyone’s right to love and be loved, which is perhaps the hottest thing about our Mr. October Mougar of the Month, Colin Firth!

Eddie Vedder and Jill McCormick Wed

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and his longtime girlfriend, model Jill McCormick, were married in a small ceremony on Saturday in Hawaii.

Guests of the wedding included Sean Penn and musician Jack Johnson.

Eddie proposed to Jill last year at a gala where he paid tribute to Bruce Springsteen after years of living together.

The couple have 2 daughters, Olivia 6 and Harper Moon who is almost 2.

Congrats to the couple from Celebstalk!!

Joe Perry Slams Steven Tyler’s New Gig on American Idol

Aerosmith’s guitarist, Joe Perry, has apparently become very vocal about his distaste for lead singer Steven Tyler’s new job as a judge on American Idol.

“(American Idol) is a reality show designed to get people to watch that station and sell advertising. It’s one step above Ninja Turtles,” Perry told the Calgary Herald in a recent interview. “I’ll tell you one thing, when we put this band together, this is not something that (Steven) would do. It’s his business, but I don’t want Aerosmith’s name involved with it. We have nothing to do with it.”

Yikes! “(Aerosmith) sat down not too long ago, when we decided to do this (Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock) tour, and we basically laid out plans for the next two years,” Perry continued. “And when you’re sitting there talking about that and one of the band members knows full well he’s signing a contract that’s taking him out of the music business for up to 7 months of the year-that kind of throws a wrench into things. It’s all very well to say, ‘I’m going to go off and do this and it won’t interfere with the band’…but there’s only so many weeks in the month and so many months in the year.”

So, according to Perry, it sounds like Aerosmith’s shows may be few and far between for awhile. With Steven having so many recent health scares lately, it totally makes sense to us that he might want to take it easy on the tour front for awhile, but it looks like Joe isn’t feeling it. So, the two are seemingly fighting again…not that that’s a first in the bands history. If you remember, just last year after Tyler was injured on tour and did a brief stint in rehab, Perry was all about replacing him. So, as ridiculous as that sounds, is it possible that Perry may still have the idea in mind?

“I’m not going to sit around for two years waiting for him to come back to Aerosmith,” Joe told the Calgary Herald. “(You’ve got) four guys that are great together, and if you find the right singer, there’s no reason you can’t go and entertain people.” Well, you know, Joe, the same could be said for a guitarist…

So, if that’s the case, could this new gig on American Idol really mean the end of Aerosmith? Who knows. Tyler and Perry have both called it quits in the past and Perry, more recently, has been very vocal about the fact that his is displeased with most of Tyler’s choices. If history shows us anything, it may mean that this is just another disagreement between the two.

As far as Aerosmith’s future, Perry only said one thing to Calgary Herald: “Technically speaking, after our gig in Vancouver (September 16th), I don’t have a job with Aerosmith,”  he lamented. “We know these are the last shows for awhile. And I really do mean awhile. I don’t know when we’ll be out there again, the five of us, so we’ll be playing with everything we’ve got.”

So Celebstalkers, what do you think? Do you think that Steven selfishly made plans to do Idol without talking to his bandmates? Do you think Perry is being an overdramatic sissyface? Do you think that this could be the end of Aerosmith as we know them? If Aerosmith finds a new singer, would you be interested at all in seeing them without Steven Tyler?

Is Kate Hudson Musing Over Marriage to Rocker Matt Bellamy?

It’s no big secret that Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy have gotten pretty serious pretty quickly. It seems like only yesterday that the couple just began dating, and now it seems that they have a goal to cuddle up on every continent.  They were recently spotted house-hunting and canoodling all over Europe and the neither Kate Hudson nor Matt Bellamy have tried to deny the fact that they are very much in love… (like a Neutron Star Collision or something…)

But does that mean that we can expect a Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy wedding in the near future?

It looks like the answer isn’t written in the stars for Kate! When asked about marriage she recently told Elle magazine: “It’s definitely not something I’m looking for. I’ll just see what happens.”

Kate Hudson has already been married to one rock-star Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. It could be that Kate Hudson just doesn’t want to share too much of her private life and desires with the public..or maybe she’ll follow in the footsteps of her dear old mum and forego marriage in favor of long lasting partnerships instead…

At any rate, its obvious that Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are totally in love for now and the sound of wedding bells may be in the future.


Since the dawn of time, there have been the emotions of happiness and sadness, love and pain, comedy and tragedy…

This spectrum of emotion has fueled fires and wars the world over…but no war…no fire could have prepared us for what would become the most epic of all battles…. THE BATTLE OF THE MULLETS!!!!!!

The Comedy Mullet

Can be identified by the spiky top and soft wisps on the bottom.

Has been responsible for the success of sitcoms, movies, music and romance.

Is often accompanied by a general state of happiness and awesomeness.

The Tragedy Mullet

Is easily identifiable by subject harboring a general sense of hatred and/or disgust for the rest of the world.

Pairs wonderfully with ill fitting tank top and/or flannel.

Has been responsible for murderous rages, teary outbursts, music and romance.

So what have these mullets contributed to society? More than you probably know. While many people assume that comedy/tragedy mullets are affected primarily by the subjects wearing them, this is absolutely false. Celebstalk has been tirelessly researching this phenomenon and have found that the real culprit that is responsible for the mass hysteria is indeed the mullet itself.

If you’ll notice, the mullet worn by David Spade in the movie Joe Dirt is completely different from the mullet Charlize Theron wore in Monster. While many of you likely assume that the mullet was put in these movies strictly to imitate the characters, it is actually the mullet that is responsible for the acts that were committed by each person. We have included some of Celebstalk’s findings below.

Comedy Mullet AKA Joe Dirt Mullet

Notice how Joe Dirt is smiling? We believe that the sideburn portion of the mullet is responsible for this. I mean, come on, if you had awesome ‘burns like these, wouldn’t YOU be happy as hell? We sure would!

Also notice the length: We have determined that the length of the mullet contributes to the length of happiness on the mullet-meter. The fact that the mullet thins out dramatically we believe contributes to the level of happiness by not “dragging down” the subject.

Take a moment, also, to notice that even though David is wearing the worst possible alligator fighting outfit ever, he is still smiling. Do you really think that if he had any other hairstyle that he would be so happy? The answer is clear: Hell to the no!

Tragedy Mullet AKA Monster Mullet

Notice the expression on Charlize Theron’s face as she plays the lead in the movie Monster. See her general distaste and shocked look? We think that this is due to the slight feathering and sweepiness of the top of the mullet. Her eyes are only open so widely because she can’t control the mullet.

Take a look at the thickness of the mullet. It is almost exactly the same thickness of the gun she is carrying, which ironically, looks great with this mullet.

Notice the general “thrown together” look that the subject is wearing? We believe that this is because of the mullet. This woman is clearly so distraught by the affects and appearance of the mullet that she threw together this disaster of an outfit in an effort to escape it. When she got to the forest, she realized her plan had failed and snapped. This was the beginning of the end for this poor tragic case. If she had any other hairstyle, would she have gone over the edge? The world will never know…..

So what do you think, Celebstalkers? Which mullet is your favorite? Do you prefer the raw, murderous, rage inflicting mullet? Or are you more in favor of the alligator wrestling, sideburn sporting happiness that is the comedy mullet? Vote now!

You Asked For It: Zac Efron’s Bedroom Edition

Dear Readers (yes readers, because there was more than one of you) who googled “Zac Efrons Bedroom” to get to our blog:

This is the internet. It is not reality. It’s not even virtual reality. It is not a magical machine that can transport you to realms of pleasure where all of your dreams come true. In a perfect world, you could google “Zac Efrons Bedroom” and be magically transported via a flying carpet into the sleeping quarters of  Zac Efron. There, you would wake-up amid purple silk sheets in the arms of Zac Efron as he stared down at you with complete and utter love written all over his girlish face.  There in the heaven that is Zac Efrons bedroom, you would frolic with this perfect man-boy, singing duets from High School Musical and helping Zac perfect his Efron Swirley<LINK>.

Well readers, we’d love to be able to help you in your quest to enter into the wonderland that is Zac Efrons Bedroom. Unfortunately, we can’t serve as your portal into the real Zac Efrons Bedroom. What we can do is help you to imagine the magic-ness that is Zac Efrons Bedroom by offering the following visuals of what WE think you’d find there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From now on we’ll select the wackiest search engine term that someone used to get to our blog each week and feature it in our “You Asked For It” feature post so be sure to tune back in to CelebStalk for more crazy fun!

Sam Worthington Appreciation Day as post 1 of “Know Your Celebrity”

Hey CelebStalkers!

This post marks the beginning of a new segment here on CelebStalk called: Know Your Celebrity

Vapid celebrity junk-blogs have no problem spewing out all kinds of personal and often false info about your favorite celebrities.

But wouldn’t it be awesome to have a feature where fans could learn fascinating and true information about their favorite stars without wading through all of the national-enquirer-esque BS?

We thought so too!  So get ready to learn some entertaining facts about this week’s Know Your Celebrity featured star: Sam Worthington!

Odds are that you already know a few things about Sam Worthington.

1)      He’s Got an Accent

2)      He’s Smoking Hot!

3)      He’s starred in major action hits such as Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans, and of course, Avatar.

But here are some things you may not know about Sam Worthington…

1)      He’s educated: Sam Worthington has a degree from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art

2)      Sam Worthington was born in England, but grew up in Australia

3)      Sam Worthington has varied musical interests from Manowar to Marley (really? Manowar?) maybe they are popular in Australia?

4)      Sam Worthington has claimed to believe in extraterrestrials

5)      Sam Worthington is incredibly humble about his good looks. In interviews he has referred to himself as a Boxhead and said he felt sorry for the poor ladies who had to rub tanning lotion all over him while he wore only a paper thong to prepare him for his role in Clash of the Titans.

So what’s Sam Worthington up to these days? When not pedaling his bike around LA, Sam Worthington has been making mucho movies! Sam will be appearing in Last Night (2010) with Keira Knightly and Eva Mendes, and The Fields and This Means War coming out in 2011.

Be sure to check back next Friday for the next edition of Know Your Celebrity, and who knows maybe your Celebrity Idol or secret Celeb crush will be featured.

And don’t forget to stop by every Monday for Mullet Mondays when you get to vote for your favorite Celebrity Mullet!